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Utah Chapter ACPA

Why Concrete

Concrete Roads are...


Highly reflective concrete pavements offer better visibility for drivers in all situations, and cut down on lighting costs for pavement owners, making our communities safer while saving taxpayer dollars.  Smooth concrete roads don’t rut, nearly eliminating the chance for water buildup that can cause skidding and hydroplaning, making the pavement a safer driving surface.


A smooth ride translates into financial benefits from fuel savings, fewer accidents, and less maintenance.  Concrete’s ability to withstand heavy loads and outlast other pavement types translates into a longer, smoother service life. 


Concrete pavements have an average service life of 31 years in Utah.  Concrete pavements cost 28% less over the life cycle than other pavements. Durable concrete pavements provide cost savings for repairs, maintenance, fuel and automobile wear and tear.


New texturing techniques make concrete pavements as quiet as other pavement types, even quieter in some cases.  The long-lasting durability of concrete means less noise from potholes, maintenance work, and lane closures.


Reflectivity makes concrete pavements cooler than other pavement types, helping to reduce temperatures in communities and save energy costs in street lighting and air conditioning.  Concrete pavements are 100% recyclable and actually contain recycled materials to begin with.

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